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Auto Repair Tips

Here are some tips to help keep your vehicle on the road for longer - and hopefully stop larger and more expensive issues occurring…

Change your fluids regularly

Don’t neglect that oil change - you will regret it! Keeping on top of these fluid changes will save you costly repairs down the road. A fresh filter and a few quarts of oil are a hell of a lot cheaper than a new engine

Clean corroded battery terminals

Prevent electrical problems by cleaning corrosion so that undue pressure isn’t put on your charging and computer-controlled systems.

Replace those air filters

Cabin air filters can become clogged and strain the A/C system as well as reduce the heat output in the cooler months. Replace those sir filters annually to avoid issues.

Tire rotation and replacement

Most manufacturers recommend that you rotate your tires every 6000 to 8000 miles. Your owners manual will give you an exact mileage. To determine if your tires need to be replaced, you will want to check the treads. Treads of a tire should be more than 3/32 inch.

Lube those suspension and key components

A commonly skipped piece of maintenance that is sure to keep your car on the road for a long time!

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